2019 International Conference
'Water as Heritage'

The international conference 'Water-as-Heritage' is being organized by ICOMOS Netherlands and the Centre for Global Heritage and Research of the Universities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam (LDE-CGHD), Netherlands and Taiwan International Institute for Water Education (TIIWE). It will take place in Taiwan in May 2019. A key objective of the Conference is to bring together key water-focused organizations and heritage groups with a concern for water-related heritage in order to develop networks and build working relationships across the diversity of sectors and disciplinary fields. The Conference will explore the mutual benefits arising from such collaborative efforts.


Water Services

Refers to the activities of the water industry including the provision of drinking water and wastewater management (sewerage treatment) to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of the economy. It also includes the construction of irrigation infrastructure for the supply of water to the agricultural sector.
• Residential water supply
• Wastewater
• Irrigation


Mentions an area in which an expanse of water is available. Waterscape is also gives focus to the fresh water and seawater (hydrological) system, whether natural/culturally modified or constructed, within a cultural landscape.
• Land reclamation
• Wetlands
• Recreation
• Fisheries


Denotes a river, canal, or other route for travel by water. The theme also includes activities at the interface of land and large water bodies, such as ports and harbours. Such activities are typically associated with transportation, trade, and the physical movement of materials, people (migration), and cultural activities based on water.
• Canals
• Rivers & deltas
• Ports

Water for Power; Power of Water

States the ability of water to support human existence through power generation. Also the destructive power of water as evidenced in disasters arising from floods, tidal waves, and sea-level rise.
• Energy generation
• Disaster mitigation
• Climate change

Worldviews on Water

Talks about a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world such as the cosmologies, or visions of the world that can be shaped by religious or other spiritual beliefs, ethics, philosophy, and politics.
• Cosmology
• Philosophy
• Law & rights

Conference Agenda on May 27-29

Day 1 (5/27) 第一日

The opening ceremony and the plenary meeting are expected on the morning of the first day of the International Conference. Post lunch, all of the international guests will be invited for the cultural tour of Chiayi. The tour site is expected to include: Hinoki Living Village, Southern Branch of National Palace Museum, Lantan reservoir (known as Red-hair Pond) and Chiayi water supply plant heritage and other cultural assets of attractions.

Day 2 (5/28) 第二日

The International Conference is planned with five themes: (1) Water for Services, (2) Waterscapes, (3) Waterways, (4) Water for Power; Power of Water, (5) Worldviews on Water. Selected papers will be presented in the event including oral or poster presentation. Two or three spaces will be allotted for the presentations. Each theme has around 2.5~3 hours of paper presentation and discussion time.
國際研討會共規劃五個主題:(1) 水務、 (2) 水景、(3) 水道、(4) 水力、(5) 水觀。各個主題將視投稿情況,邀請或選擇優秀之研究論文發表,每個主題至少安排2.5~3小時的論文發表與討論時間。本日議程規劃可以採用二至三個會議空間平行進行。除了口頭發表之論文外,於會場指定空間,亦可以海報方式發表。

Day 3 (5/29) 第三日

The parallel publication of the selected papers of the International Conference will be also held this morning. In the afternoon session, there will be the summary report of conference outcomes and the closing ceremony. The results summary is expected to be a guide to follow for the international promotion road-map of water and heritage and the statement of this conference.

Field Trip on May 30-31

The highlight of this International Conference lies on many site visits with international participants witnessing Taiwan's water cultural heritages. There will be several different one-day field trips during 5/30 and 5/31 after indoor conference. Each route of field trip can accommodate 40 people maximum with professionally trained interpreters.


  1. On line registration

    Important Dates

    Online Registration Opens March 4, 2019
    Deadline for Early-bird Registration April 26, 2019
    Deadline for Regular Registration 23:59 (GMT+8) May 25, 2019

    How to Register

    • Only On-line registration will be made at the conference website. If On-line Registration is not available, please contact the Secretariat (water.as.heritage2019@gmail.com).
    • On-line registration will be available before May 25, 2019. Registration after the deadline will be processed on-site with Cash (NTD) or Credit Card upon arrival.
    • Students are required to upload their valid student ID when registering online, and to present their student ID at the registration desk.
    • Registration fees paid by Credit Card will be converted into New Taiwan Dollars (NT$). The exchange rate is approximately NT$32 for US$1.

    Letter of Invitation

    Participants may request the invitation letter from the Conference Secretariat (water.as.heritage2019@gmail.com). The invitation is issued only for the purpose of entry visa application and is not a commitment from the 2019 International Conference 'Water as Heritage' organizers to provide financial aid to any applicant or their accompanying persons. Expenses incurred are the personal responsibility of the applicant.

    Cancellation and Refund

    Refund Policy

    Notifications of cancellation and requests for refunds must be made in writing to the Secretariat of the 2019 International Conference 'Water as Heritage' (water.as.heritage2019@gmail.com). The following cancellation and refund policies will apply:

    • Before 23:59 (GMT+8), April 26, 2019: 75% of Registration Fee
    • After 00:01 (GMT+8), April 26, 2019: No refund is applicable.

    All refund will be processed after the conference has concluded.

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    • Participants who are not eligible for visa exemption or can’t apply for eVisas by themselves.

      Please contact Conference Secretariat (water.as.heritage2019@gmail.com), we will consult with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and provide help.
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  3. Venue

    Conference Venue

    2019 International Conference ‘Water-As-Heritage’ will be held at CPC Training Center in Chiayi, Taiwan. Surrounded by lush fields and dotted with ponds, the tranquil environment makes CPC Training Center a wonderful place to ponder. Chiayi is also home to the Alishan National Scenic Area, famous for its breath taking nature wonders and vivid aboriginal culture, making it the best place to share thoughts and appreciation for water heritage. Brief introductions of facilities, transportation information are as followed.

    About CPC

    CPC(Chinese Petroleum Corporation), a state-owned enterprise, was founded in Shanghai on June 1, 1946. Followed the government relocating to Taiwan in 1949, the business has been expanded from oil refining to related business namely import, exploration, transportation/storage, and sale of oil and gas. For more than 60 years, they have become the important foundation for energy and chemical industries in Taiwan.

    Jung Ye Building

    Located in the CPC Training Center, Jung Ye Building is a five floor structure with total floor areas covering 12,380 square meters. Equipped with International Auditorium (Room 518) that houses 305 people, and several other meeting rooms suited for presentation and discussion including Room 101 (175 people), Room 111 (48 people), and Room 221 (50 people), etc.

    Arrival Transportation Information

    • Take the Airport MRT from Taoyuan International Airport to Taoyuan HSR(High Speed Rail) Station. (~20min) (35 NT$)
    • Take the HSR from Taoyuan Station to Chiayi Station.(~1hr 30min) (890~920 NT$)
    • Take Taxi and show the driver the following text:
      No.94, Wufeng S. Rd., Chiayi City, Taiwan. CPC Training Center(嘉義市吳鳳南路94號, 中油人力資源訓練所)

    We will also have shuttle bus travelling from collaborated hotels to the conference venue.

  4. Accommodation

    We are in collaboration with following hotels, offering booking discount and free shuttle buses to and from the conference venue.

      Nice Prince Hotel

      Located in the eastern district of Chiayi, Nice Prince Hotel with the department store is a multi-international five-star hotel which offer business, leisure, shopping and other functions.

      Address: No,600, chung-Hsiao Road, Chiayi City, Taiwan, R.O.C
      Transportation : Taxi from THSR Chiayi Station

      Look Royal Resort Hotel

      Located in the western district of Chiayi nearing Chia-Le-Fu Night Market and Chiayi train station. Feel the simple local human touch, and the rich humanity in the ancient city of Zhu Luo to easily enjoy high-quality tourism.

      Address: No.501, Yushan Rd., West Dist., Chiayi City, Taiwan
      (1).Taxi from THSR Chiayi Station
      (2).Hotel pickup from THSR Chiayi Station (Reserved only)

      Maison De Chine Hotel

      Located at the edge of downtown, nearby National Museum of Natural Science and Yizhong Street. The local night market is a popular choice for tourists. You could also visit Alishan National Scenic Area to enjoy its magnificent natural scenery.

      Address: No.257, Wenhua Rd., East Dist., Chiayi City 60044, Taiwan
      (1).Taxi from THSR Chiayi Station
      (2).Hotel pickup from THSR Chiayi Station (Reserved only)


      Located in the western district of Chiayi., with walkable distance from Wenhua Road Night Market and Lantan Lake. Day+ hotel Chiayi is devoted to integrating Taiwanese styled arts and other elements to build up this cultural and creative hotel.

      Address: No. 866 Chueiyang Road, Chiayi City, Taiwan
      (1).Taxi from THSR Chiayi Station

      Hotel Day+ Teascape Chyayi

      Located in the eastern district of Chiayi. Catch a feeling of Taiwan’s famous tea culture at Hotel Day+ Teascape Chyayi with its tea themed interior design.

      Address: No. 516, Zhongxiao Road, East District , Chiayi City, Taiwan
      (1).Taxi from THSR Chiayi Station


Tourism Bureau, MOTC

Amusement Park In Taiwan

Contact Information

Secretariat of the 2019 International Conference 'Water as Heritage'
Rm 425, 130 Sec. 3 Keelung Road, Taipei 10673, Taiwan
TEL: +886-2-23646439
FAX: +886-2-23687913


Host Member


  • Mr Henk van Schaik (ICOMOS Netherlands)
  • Dr Tino Mager (Centre for Global Heritage and Development, Netherlands)


  • Dr Sinite Yu (TIIWE - Taiwan International Institute for Water Education)
  • Dr Hsiao-Wei Lin (TICCIH – The International Committee for the Conservation of Industrial Heritage; Chung Yuan University)
  • Dr Rohit Jigyasu (ICOMOS India; ICORP - ICOMOS International Committee on Risk Preparedness)
  • Dr Sergio Ribeiro (CIRAT - International Centre on Water and Transdisciplinarity, Brazil)
  • Dr John Peterson (ICOMOS/US; ICAHM - International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management)
  • Dr Sahdev Singh (ICID – International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage)
  • Dr Steve Brown (Australia ICOMOS; ISCCL - ICOMOS-IFLA International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes)

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